Traditional Khmer Wedding Music

     Like many ethnic groups in Viet Nam, the Khmer in the South made music an integral part of their traditional wedding ceremony.

     Despite the numerous changes that occurred in the Khmer wedding ceremony, the traditional nuptial songs have been preserved. Researchers have collected dozens of ritual songs specifically intended for weddings and other popular folk songs for animation.

     Such a collection helped to recreate the musical sequence that took place during the traditional Khmer wedding. These rituals included escorting the groom to the bride's house, requesting the groom to the bride's family to open the door to their house, and officially starting the wedding ceremony. Other rituals related to the traditional wedding include hair cutting, talking the sword out of the sheath, tying thread to one's wrists, bowing to the sun, entering the bride's room, welcoming the parents and relatives, and seeing off the guests.

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