South Vietnamese Ly

    Ly is a genre of folk song of the Viet (Kinh) that was mainly developed in South Viet Nam. It includes large varieties of songs, as well as varieties of contents, themes, and musical characteristics.

     Ly reflects the life activities and work of the local population, in addition to their feelings about the love of young people and conjugal attachment. There are also songs about animals, plants, fruits, and flowers. Generally speaking, South Vietnamese ly is a genre of song reflecting the aspirations, modes of thinking, and personalities of the South Vietnamese.

     Despite the various nuances, the melancholic tone is penetrating, simple, naïve, humorous, and witty. In the past, ly songs were performed in many places and on different accessions. The ly songs were incorporated into other traditional ritual and non-ritual genres of music. In the present day, many ly songs have been arranged and adapted for contemporary musical shows that have captured many audiences.

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