Hat Xam

    Xam songs were created by Vietnamese many years ago, and were usually performed by the blind, who walked in groups of two to five persons in residential areas, parking lots, ferry-landings, or market gates.

     People are fond of hat xam because it has an emotional tune that is in harmony with the joyful rhythm of the percussion instruments, and because of the sweet sounds of the string instruments.

     Hat xam performers sing about their own lives. They also sing about the sad conditions of the poor, the misfortune of others, and sometimes, they sing sbout delightful stories. Through their songs, they criticise bad customs and practices, condemn oppressors and traitors, as well as praise national heroes.

     The main tunes of hat xam include hue tinh, ba bac, thap an, ha lieu, etc.

     Currently, hat xam strolling artists no longer axist. However, their art is being preserved and appreciated.

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