The t'rung is a musical instrument, similar to a xylophone, very popular among the ethnic groups living in Tay Nguyen. It consists of parallel bamboo tubes each tube is sealed at one end and beveled at the other. Previously, a t'rung had only two, three, five, or six tubes, but now it often has more.


     The t'rung is normally struck with two wooden or bamboo sticks. However, it can be played as a duo with four sticks and players from the creating a different melody. Men exclusively play the t'rung. They play it to entertain themselves while working in the fields or when herding.

     Traditionally, the t'rung is not allowed to be played indoors or in villages. However, some ethnic groups play the t'rung inside villages to accompany singers and dances or with other instruments during festivals.

     At present, the t'rung has become a professional instrument played in diverse types of shows.

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