H\'Mong Flute or Sao

     Sao is usually used to designate a vertical bamboo flute pierced with finger holes. However, this term is often used by the ethnic minorities to describe several woodwind instruments that are quite different in structure (single or double flutes, with or without a reed, with or without figher-holes, etc.) and in how to hold them.

     The H'Mong sao is a single flute with a reed and a colourful timbre. The H'Mong call it tra pun tu. The sounds produced are harsh and sweet like whispers. Since it has been played on stage, the H'Mong flute has captured the hearts of many audiences. It is being constantly improved to expand its sound capabilities.

     The H'Mong flute accompanies young H'Mong men at work and in love courtship. For them, the flute is an effective way to reach a girl's heart.

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