General offensive in 1975 Spring

General offensive in 1975 Spring

6 January 1975

Liberation of Road 14 and Phuoc Long Province, which marked the beginning of the offensive aiming at dethroning the puppet – government of Sai Gon.

4-12 March 1975

Defeat of Sai Gon Government during the Tay Nguyen Campaign.

March 1975

Different defeats of Sai Gon Government in Hue – Da Nang Campaign.

16 April 1975

Fall of the Sai Gon Government on the defense line of Phan Rang.

26 April 1975

Launching of Ho Chi Minh Campaign.

30 April 1975

Liberation of Sai Gon.

2 May 1975

Liberation of the Mekong Delta and of the whole South Viet Nam.

2 July 1976

Adoption by the General Assembly of the official name of Socialist Republic of Viet Nam with Ha Noi as its capital, and renaming Sai Gon, Ho Chi Minh City.

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