Mango Xoai

     Mango plants are widely grown in the Southern provinces. There are many varities of mangoes, including the Cat mango (Ben Cat mango), hon mango, Thanh Ca mango, Tuong mango (elephant mango), Xiem mango (Siamese mango), Coc mango (toad mango), etc.


     They are all very tasty, each having its own scent and taste. The mango of Ben Cat is nevertheless the most famous. It has a special scent and taste that is perfumed and deeply sweet; the fruit is yellowish and round, and some fruit can weigh up to half a kilogram. The mango season lasts from March to May.

Mangosteen (Mang Cut)

     Hidden among dense foliage, big as a fist and brownish-violet in colour, is the mangosteen. When eating a mangosteen, use a knife to cut around the fruit and to remove half of the shell.


     The inside of the mangosteen is arranged in white, soft sections, and it freshly scented. There are three varieties of mangosteens: the first variety is a little acidic, the second is as sweet as candy, with big segments and a thin shell, and the last variety, called doi mangosteen, has crips segments. The mangosteen season ordinarily lasts from May to August.


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