Fruits Pomelo Buoi


In Viet Nam, there are many tasty varieties of pomelo. Ordinarily, the pomelo is named for the locality where it is grown. For example, in the North, there is the Doan Hung (Phu Tho Province) pomelo, in the Central there is the Phuc Trach (Ha Tinh Province) pomelo, and in the South there is the Tan Trieu (Bien Hoa, Dong Nai Province) pomelo, Nam Roi (Vinh Long Province).

Each variety has a unique taste. The Phuc Trach pomelo has the distinguishable aweet taste of the glucose that is dissolved in the fruit and a fresh taste that slightly permeates your body and makes your spirit light. There are many different scents and tastes of the Tan Trieu pomelo. The thanh tra is mildly sweet and somewhat scidic. The buoi duong (pomelo as aweet as sugar) is very sweet. The buoi xiem (Siamese pomelo) has a rosy core and a light sweet taste.

In Dong Thap Province (Plain of Rushes), there is a veriety of pomelo that does not have any seeds, called nam roi. When it ripens, it bears a ywllow colour and is as sweet as the buoi duong.

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