Durian Sau Rieng

Of the fruits of Viet Nam, the durian is the most costly. Durian is called sau rieng in Vietnamese, which literally means personal melancholy. This name comes from a legend of the unfulfilled love of a foreign Prince for a Vietnamese girl.

The durian is as big as a fooball. Its shell is thick, hard, and has prickles on its surface. To eat a durian, a blade is inserted into the small ditches of the shell. Cutting it reveals segments of ivory coloured pulp, glistening as if covered with a layer of butter. The taste is peculiar and the smell is very discernible; it spreads very far and requires a long time to dissipate.

The durian, which can only be grown in the provinces of Southern Viet Nam, is exported to many countries in the Southeast Asia region. The crop is usually harvested in January.

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