Vietnamese Specialities

In recent years, Vietnamese clerks have been eating lunch at their office cafeterias. There are many restaurants in the city, in the neighbourhood of public offices in particular. The price paid for a meal is affordable to all; you can eat a lunch that will sustain you until dinner for 10,000 to 20,000VND.



     Pho is a prevalent dish familiar to all Vietnamese people, who eat pho from infancy. It is most commonly eaten in the morning, but there are also people who eat it at noon for lunch or late at right. Pho is a glossy kind of flattened from ordinary rice that is cut into strips.

Pho bo (beef pho) is prepared from ox-bones or pig-bones. The broth, which is scented with ginger, is poured into a bowl containing already cooked noodles. Well-done lean beef is cut into thin slices, softened and scented, then put on the surface.

Pho ga (chicken pho), is made from pig and chicken bones. Chicken without the bones is cut into slices or fibres and served in the soup.

Fresh onion stripped into thin bits, fresh red peppers, black pepper, and lemon are ingredients indispensable to a bowl of pho, which is nourishing and appealing to all.

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