Vegetarian Diet An Chay

       In the past, a vegetarian diet was a distinctive requirement of Buddhist monks and Buddhist followers. Since then, a vegetarian diet has been adopted by a great number of people who think that it can cure illnesses, such as high blood pressure and obesity. A vegetarian diet can help to keep people healthy and to live a long life. The components of a vegetarian meal have become more and more sophisticated.


      When cooking a vegetarian meal, one must go through many steps; however, an important requirement is to be quick. The product must be palatable and the presebtation must be artstic. One has to know how to conciliate all the vitamins, proteins, fats, and sugars of the vegetal components.


     Ingredients such as cereals and fresh vegetables are used to produce vegetarian dishes. These ingredients include soya cheese, wheat gluten, wheat flour, green peas, various fungi, potatoes, and various fruits and vegetables. These ingredients are used to make such dishes as cha (rice gruel), rice vermicelli, pho, various cakes, nem, and  che. The Vietnamese people have traditionally been very clever in creating vegetarian dishes having special flavours and tastes. These dishes vary from meal to meal so the eater does not have the impression of always being satiated with the same food. The flavours and tastes of Vietnamese vegetarian dishes are very different to those of India, China or any other country where you may have encountered a vegetarian meal before.

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