Ruou Can

      In the regions of North Viet Nam, Northwest Viet Nam, and the Central Highlands of Viet Nam, the ethnic monorities have a custom of drinking can calcohol at New Year's festivities, new rice festivities, village festivities, etc. Can alcohol is prepared from glutinous rice and is a red-brown colour. It is easy to drink alcohol content, which is only about 20o. As such, many people, young and old, girls and boys, sit around the can jar. They do not use cups, glasses, or bowls to drink the alcohol; rather they use bent stems made of small phyllostachys to drink directly from the jar.


     A bent stem is called a can, which is why this alcohol bears the name can alcohol. In order to drink, the right hand takes the stem, while the left hand is placed on the knee and the eyes are fixed on the alcohol jar. The oldest  person, or the most honoured guest, is invited to drink first. When the organiser of the drinking first. When the stem to the guest, all the people around the jar unanimously shout aloud (like shouting to one another when wandering in the forest), meaning unanimous consent by the guests to the invitation.

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