Nem ran cha gio

Nem ran (called cha gio in the South) existed much before cha ca (grilled chopped fish). Nem ran is a much appreciated speciality, although it is very easy to prepare. Since long ago, nem ran has been a familiar dish on the menu at all households during the New Year?s festivities, at family parties, and at receptions.


     The stuffing of the nem ran is comprised of finely chopped lean meat, sea crabs or young shrimp, scented mushrooms, dried onions, Yam beans, duck eggs, pepper, spiced salt, etc. The mixture is then rolled in flat rice cakes and fried in a pan until crispy.


     Nem are eaten hot with a sauce that it is, at the same time, somewhat salty, sweet, acidic and scented (with the flavours of onion and pepper). Papaya and a few fresh scented vegetables are added.

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