Mon cuon rolls

     Mon cuon are mainly eaten in Central Viet Nam and in the South. The ingredients for this dish are shrimp browned with oil and onion, slender loin done to a turn and then thinly sliced, white radish dipped in vinegar; scented leaves, bong vinegar (made from fermented distillers grain) browned with some sugar and soy sauce, rice vermicelli, and onions.


     When eating mon cuon, each person place a shrimp, a slab of meat, a piece of white radish, a few scented vegetables and basil, and a morsel of rice vermicelli are placed on a leaf of lettuce (or rice pancake), and then fold it into a roll.


     There are also regions where nem chao (salad made of pig's underdone sliced skin and grilled rice flour with aromatic herbs) or a bit of nem chua (sour-acid pork hash) enveloped in a cover of rice cake are added. The sauce tastes of salt, acid, and hot pepper. Some slices of papaya are also added. This speciality is ordinarily accompanied by a drink like beer or alcohol.

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