Bun Viet


Bun, a kind of rice vermicelli, is at the same time both a luxurious and a popular food in Viet Nam. There are many different names for bun, which refer to its shape, such as vermicelli made in tangled threads (bun roi), vermicelli served with pickled fish (bun nam), vermicelli made in a leaf (bun la), and bun dem tram (vermicelli bought in the hundreds). Rice vermicelli can be eaten with many other dishes, including grillied meat rolls (called bun nem), shellfish (called shellfish soup and rice vermicelli), omelette, lean pork-paste, chicken, (called bun rieu), pig trotter meat, rolled meat paste (called bun moc), and beef and big trotters (called bun bo gio heo).

Every region, every community, and even every restaurant have their own rice vermicelli, doddering from one another by composition, preparation, and ingredients.

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