Banh Cuon

Ordinary rice paddy is soaked in water until it become soft; then it is ground into a very thin paste. This paste is steamed to make round cakes, each a little bigger than the hand and very thin. Each cake is rubbed with onions browned in a little fat, making it very sweet-smelling. These are  thin steamed rolled rice pancakes (banh cuon mong).


     From ancient time, the inhabitants of Thanh Tri Village (a Ha Noi suburb) were reputed for their skill in making thin rice vermicelli pancakes. Rice vermicelli pacakes dipped in a high protein fish sauce with a few drops of lemon and eaten with a bit of cha que (pork paste with a cinnamon flavour) is a speciality of Ha Noi.

    While still hot, the banh cuon can be wrapped around stuffing made of lean meat with chopped edible mushroom (variety huong meaning good smelling) and fried onions. Hese are then put in a dish and sprinkled with shrimp paste that has been dried and cut into threads.