Yellow Apricot Flower Hoa Mai

     If the peach flower is the symbol of Tet in the North, then the yellow apricot flower is its counterpart in the South. The yellow apricot flower belongs to the family of hoang mai (meaning “yellow apricot” in Chinese), which is a forest plant.


     The trunk and springs of the yellow apricot flower are suppler than those of the peach plant. The flowers grow in bunches and have stalks that hang loosely near the branches at the side of the leaves. The flowers are yellow and their scent is modestly secretive. The leaves of the yellow apricot flower fall in the winter. There are varieties of yellow apricot, including mai tu qui (apricot of all seasons) and nhi do mai, which begin to produce red coloured fruit after blossoming. Mai chieu thuy, the aquatic veriety of apricot flower, has small leaves and small flowers that blossom in white, scented bunches. Mai chieu thuy, which blossoms in the spring, is generally planted in small rock gardens. Its truck and branches are trimmed and bent so that it becomes a sculptured plant.

     The apricot plant, which is planted to give flowers on the occasion of the New Year is planted from seeds or by the grafting of branches. The plant can be planted in gardens, in flowerbeds, or in pots.

Bonsais (Cay The)


     These are plants, such as the Benjamin fig, tung (a variety of pine), cypress, pine, bamboo, and streblus, which are grown in decorative pots. The plants are bent, trimmed and grafted to become decorative plants resembling secular trees while maintaining proportion with the size of its pot.

     Each plant has a position that carries a theme; thus, each has a different identily. There are those, which are vertical with a lumpy root resembling a secular tree, and there are those that have trucks that grow horizontally. If two plants have a common root and one is bigger than the other, the plants are said to have “the positions of a father and a son” or of “two brothers”, etc.

Rock Gardens

     In this form of entertainment, the gardener creates a natural landscape that is majestic, but miniaturized. In the rockwork,miniaturized rock garden, there are mountains, grottoes, trees, forests, rivers, bridges, people, and animals.

     Each rock garden is created according to a theme most often coming from classical literature. The pleasure of buiding rock gardens comes, not only from the choosing of suitable trees and beautiful mountains, but from the compiling of many calcareous stone blocks that are severely eroded and bearing many high peaks, deep grottoes, etc.

     Sometimes, the rockwork builder is compelled to assemble many rocks together to create the impression of mountains and forests. Moss is a plant that is never lacking in a rockwork. Moss is to the rock garden, as grass and trees are to the landscape.

     The practice of growing and appreciating flowers and decorative plants has become a part of the Vietnamese soul and culture.

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