Peach Flower Hoa Dao

     The peach flower plant grows only in North Viet Nam. It is the special flower of the Vietnamese New Year because of its red colour, which is believed to bring many favourable opportunities throughout the year. 


There are four vatieties of peach flowers. The dao bich has a deep rosy colour and the plant bears many

flowers; it is usually planted in jars or pots for entertaining during the New Year. The dao phai (pale peach flower) flower is a pale rosy colour and the plant bears many flowers, but is generally planted for its fruits. The dao bach (white peach flower) is relatively difficult to grow. These three varieties of peach flowers all bear double flowers. The thon plant is small and low; the flowers are small and of  many colours.

     Among those colours, those that are deep red are generally grown it pots and their trunks and branches generally bend so that it becomes an ornamental plant. The springs of the beach flowers from the village of Nhat Tan are a precious gift sent to relatives living in the South on the occasion of the New Year. The peach flower plant and its flowers are now present in many European countries.

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