Flowers Lotus Hoa Sen

     The lotus is a plant with a flexible trunk that lives mainly in water. According to legend, it appeared one hundred million years ago. There are several varieties of lotus, including a type of lotus with a red trunk and double petals called qui. Another variety with a very small trunk, leaves, and flowers is called tich thuong. Ordinarity, these are planted in pots or water tanks.


     The lotus scent is middly perfumed, and the plant has many uses. For example, the flower is ordinarily used in worshipping ceremonies. Its pistil has white grains used in scenting tea. Lotus leaves serve to wrap food products, or to wrap com (green rice flakes). Lotus seeds are used to prepare a tonic, make sweet drinks (che), accompany chicken to make soup, etc. When dried and simmered, the tam (central longitudinal part of a lotus pip) makes a good tranquilliser.


     In Viet Nam, the lotus is classified as one the “four gentlemen” flowers along with pine, bamboo, and chrysanthemum. The lotus is also classified as one in the four qui (four seasons), which also includes orchid, chrysanthemum, and apricot. Lotus is the symbol of summer because it blossoms in summer when there is a lot of sunlight and its scent lighty perfumes the air all around the pond.

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