Fine arts & crafts products from Lacquerware

Lacquerware is really typical to Viet Nam, although it also exists in other Asian countries. It is said that the resin extracted of Vinh Phuc is the best one. As such, the lacquerware products made in Viet Nam are very beautiful and durable.

    As early as the 18th century, people in Nam Ngu Distric in Thang Long (Ha Noi) specialized in making lacquerware products. In its early stages of development, lacquerware contained only four colours: black, red, yellow, and brown. However, due to improvements in technologies in later years, additional pigment colours were made, therein, creating a wider range of lacquer colours.

Currently, Vietnamese made lacquerware products are essential in both the domestic and foreign markets. The renowned products include wall paintings, flower vases, jewellery boxes, trays, chessboards, and folding screens.