Fine arts & crafts products from Copper Casting

Copper casting is one of the most famous and enduring traditional art forms of Viet Nam. With the help of technology, several ancient copper items from all over the country have been preserved. Approximately 3,000 years ago, ancient Vietnamese discovered how to cast copper to make brass tools, weapons, and ornaments; therein, initianting the metal age. Some brass statues that have been preserved serve as proof of the blooming period of copper casting in Viet Nam. In later years, pursuing their forefathers? talents, handicraftsmen created many innovative brass products that suited the needs of society.


     Some of the most famous copper pieces known today include a series of brass drums that were cast over centuries. As well, there are brass artifacts currently exhibited in Hue, such as a bronze kettle at the Imperial Palace (1659-1684), the bell of Thien Mu Pagoda (1710), the Nine Cannons (1803-1804), and the Nine Dynastic Urns (1835-1837).


     Today, only a few copper casting villages remain, such as Ngu Xa in Ha Noi, Dai Bai in Bac Ninh Province, Phu Xuan in Hue City, Phuoc Kieu in Quang Nam Province.