Quan Lan Temple Festival

18th of the 6th lunar month

   The Quan Lan Temple is located in the central area of the ancient Van Don Harbor. The fesyival is organized yearly on the 18th day of the 6th lunar month, but the whole celebrations last from the 10th to the 20th. The festival is organized to commemorate the victory against the Mogol invaders in 1288, as well as the feats of Tran Khanh Du, a famous Tran general. There are also prayers for a good “harvest” from the sea.

   The 10th day of the 16th lunar month features

The ritual of “closing the village”, in which the inhabitants cannot leave, but guests are welcome. The 16th day is reserved for receiving the genies. There is a procession carrying Tran Khanh Du's funeral tablets from the tample to the village communal house.

   On the 18th day at about 3pm (the tide reaches the temple's wharf at this time), the boats start. The “soldiers” representing the two sides are dressed in different costumes. The two generals make sword-tracings in the air and then the troops meet each other three times to symbolize the three victories of the Tran Dynasty. Following the third meeting, the armies assemble before the shrine, and the rowing contest begins.

   The Quan Lan temple Festival bears characteristics of a traditional village festival, but is particularly grandiose, expressing the military spirit of the Vietnamese.

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