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This single-stringed harp of the Kinh has a sound box made of bamboo (in the past) or hard wood. One end of the string is tied to a wooden roller inside the sound box.
Initially, the dan day was an accompanying instrument used only for one genre of song, which later divided in two variations known today as hat cua dinh and hat a dao.
According to ancient carvings, the moon-shaped tute appeared in Viet Nam in the 11th century.
This musical instrument was intended for women.
Sao is usually used to designate a vertical bamboo flute pierced with finger holes.
In the Viet (King) language, the name khen may be used to describe all kinds of mouth organs found in the country.
Gongs are musical instruments made of alloy bronze, sometimes with gold, silver, or black bronze added to their composition.
The t'rung is a musical instrument, similar to a xylophone, very popular among the ethnic groups living in Tay Nguyen.
Lithophone or Dan Da is also known as a percussion instrument made of stone.