Mango plants are widely grown in the Southern provinces. There are many varities of mangoes, including the Cat mango (Ben Cat mango), hon mango, Thanh Ca mango, Tuong mango (elephant mango), Xiem mango (Siamese mango), Coc mango (toad mango), etc.
Star apple is a fruit commonly grown in Southern orchards. Entering a star apple orchard, you will see thousands of these fruit hanging loosely on branches. They have smooth peel that is either green or violet.
The thieu litchi is only grown in the North of Viet Nam. The most famous and palatable of the thieu litchi are the ones grown in Thanh Ha (Hai Duong) and Luc Ngan (Bac Giang).
Of the fruits of Viet Nam, the durian is the most costly. Durian is called sau rieng in Vietnamese, which literally means personal melancholy. This name comes from a legend of the unfulfilled love of a foreign Prince for a Vietnamese girl.
The longan grown in many provinces in the North. The longan is no bigger than a ping-pong ball with brownish peel. The peel only has to be slightly removed to reach the whitish pulp, enclosing the glistening black kernel.
Called na, or mang cau, the custard apple has a thick, green outer layer with soft white pulp. There are two varieties of custard apple, the friable custard apple and the tough custard apple. The tastiest of all is the tough custard-apple of Cap (also custard-apple of Vung Tau).
Rambutan is a plant grown in many South Vietnamese orchards. The rambutan fruit has a thick, hard outer peel, and a white and sweet tasing pulp.
In Viet Nam, there are many tasty varieties of pomelo. Ordinarily, the pomelo is named for the locality where it is grown.