If the peach flower is the symbol of Tet in the North, then the yellow apricot flower is its counterpart in the South. The yellow apricot flower belongs to the family of hoang mai (meaning “yellow apricot” in Chinese), which is a forest plant.
The peach flower plant grows only in North Viet Nam. It is the special flower of the Vietnamese New Year because of its red colour, which is believed to bring many favourable opportunities throughout the year.
Orchids are sovereign flowers that are enchantingly beautiful. The orchid is one of sons, and one of the four plants to symbolize the “gentleman”.
The chrysanthemum is a type of beautiful flower with a mid and secretive scent. Its petals do not fall like those of roses or other flowers, which is why chrysanthemums are offen placed on altars.
The lotus is a plant with a flexible trunk that lives mainly in water. According to legend, it appeared one hundred million years ago.