South Central Coast

The six coastal provinces of South – Central Viet Nam are all surrounded by the imposing Truong Son Mountains on one sides and the East Sea on the other. The coast features many ports and beautiful beaches, such as Quy Nhon, Ninh Chu, and Sa Huynh. Offshore, there are also numerous islands of various sizes. Many short but beautiful rivers run through provinces and there are a lot of hot water springs. South – Central Viet Nam, more specifically Binh Dinh Provinces and Tam Quan district, is filled with coconut plantations.

This region possesses a large tourism potential due to the harmonious mingling of the sea and the mountains. But it also possesses a fascinating history since South – Central Viet Nam was one of the first areas in Viet Nam to be populated. The archaeological site in Sa Huynh shows that civilization began developing in this area during the Iron Age. Then, came the Cham whose kingdom reached its height between the 11th to 13 th centuries. Valuable historical relics of the exceptional Cham civilization can still be seen in the whole region. Visitors can visit Chau Sa Citadel (Quang Ngai) and Cham Towers, such as Po Nagar, Po Klong Garai and Prome. Cham sculptural works, such as statues of spirits, kings, queens, and dancers, demonstrate the skilful techniques and eminence in caving strong and imaginative condimental designs.

The Cham culture still exits to this day. Cham people have continues to practice their old rites, such as the opening ceremonies before digging a channel, building a dike, blocking the source of a river, planting new rice and celebrating the new rice crop.

South – Central Viet Nam is also the lattice land of national hero Quang Trung who defeated and killed invaders at Dong Da. Quang Trung also invented many martial dances and music for traditional Tay Son drums that are still played today. A museum dedicated to him can be visited to him can be visited in Binh Dinh Province.