Ho Tay Water Park

The Ho Tay Water Park covers an area of 35,560m2, comprising five entertainment sections. The first phase of its construction was completed on 19 May 2000, putting into operation several entertainment amenities. Among them are seven sliding lanes with the average height of 12m, of which two are high-speed lanes ever installed in Viet Nam with the height of 14.5m; a three-meter wave-making pool can bring about waves as high as 1.2m. Adventurers should not miss out on the Tibetan suspension bridge, the hair-raising swinging ropes, and the 3.5-meter diving pool where they can dive using specific devices or spring-boards. The 0.6-meter massage pool ensures a relaxed feeling. Children can go to water games. The 4.5-meter “lazy river” spans 450m, flowing past five bridges.

The New Sun Park stands adjacent to the Water Park. Sitting on the 60-meter swing, one gets a panoramic view of Ha Noi. The New Sun Park also boasts a three-dimension cinema, new-generation electronic games, and a supermarket. There is a sports complex where tourists can play tennis, badminton, ping-pong, and billiards. Fascinating extras include a pond for fishing, a mini golf court, as well as bumping cars and a roller coaster.

As the most modern and exciting theme park in Ha Noi, the Ho Tay Water Park has received millions of visitors so far.

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