Ba Chua Xu Temple

   The temple was established at the beginning of the 19th century in Vinh Te Hamlet, Chau Doc Town. There are two legends about its construction.

    The first legend is that the Temple of Ba Chua Xu was built because the people here believed Ba Chua Xu to be sacred.

   The second legend relates that Madam CHau Thi Te, the wife of Thoai Ngoc Hau, the buider of the Vinh Te canal, swore to erect a temple when the canal, whose construction claimed many lives, was completed. She died before carrying out her oath. Thoai Ngoc Hau implemented her plans by building the Temple of Ba Chua Xu.

   At first the temple was made of bamboo. In 1962, it was roofed with double tiles. Then in 1972, it was rebuilt (except the 10m-long stone wall at the back, which was the old platform of the tower). The monument was completed in 1976.

   The temple is constructed according to the Chinese character quoc. It has four squae roofs of blue tiles. The house used for displaying statues also has four square roofs. Worshipped inside the temple is the statue of Ba Chua Xu, which was artistically carved of grey stone in the 6th century, based on the motif of the Deity Vishnu statue often seen in Laos, Cambodia, and India.

   Ba Chua Xu Temple Festival is held on the last day of the 4th lunar month. Thousands of people come to the festival to attend the washing of the statue, to burn joss-sticks, to offer flowers, and to pray to Ba Chua Xu.